A natural history of the senses.

Ackerman (1992)  focuses on five senses in her book: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch concluding with an epilog about synesthesia. The author combines her knowledge with scientific explanations and with personal experiences in an effort to encourage people to use their senses.

The book describes people being the product of the environment that they live but on the verge of loosing the connection with it. Being mechanized and slaves to the technology we are under the risk of becoming alienated because we ignore the signals of our senses from the environment. The book is more about the beauty of gaining a connection with the help of our senses and how all the people use their sense in the same way.

“We like to think that we are finely evolved creatures, in suit-and-tie or pantyhose-and-chemise, who live many millennia & mental detours away from the cave, but that’s not something our bodies are convinced of.”


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