AITO, Look closely, think wisely

As cities and discovering them are the main subject for my research, I found yet another great potential project that could be applied in Helsinki.

A service concept that is proposed for the New Helsinki Library. The concept promotes creative travelling, through interaction between tourists and locals. The AITO service design package has thematic services kits that suit the traveller’s needs and that give the chance of discovering a unique and authentic view of the city of Helsinki.

It is an alternative to mass tourism that helps people to discover the real essence of Finland.

“The AITO concept covers the entire span of the trip. It provides an alternative to mass tourism and helps travellers adjust their focus on the land of thousands of lakes, sisu and salmiakki and penetrate deeper into the essence of Finland,” says May.

ITO Kits contains several versatile functional packages created by the library. They help travellers to discover the city from surprising angles. The packages provide the opportunity to throw yourself into learning experiences, everyday adventures and a whole spectrum of other things. One example is the bicycle tour package comprising a free city bicycle, a map with route recommendations and tips on discovery voyages to Helsinki  as well as a bicycle reparation kit just in case. AITO Culture introduces various workshops, events and courses organised by the library – customised according to travellers’ interests. For example, tourists can participate in afternoon classes on new Finnish cuisine in the shared Central Library kitchen.

AITO Buddy tries to direct travellers away from preconceived ideas conjured by the travel industry and towards a more authentic concept of the city. Travellers may choose a “live guide” from among the numerous buddy profiles in the AITO service. The guide does not necessarily have to take you to see the sights. If desired, they can just accompany you for a coffee or a day trip to Porvoo or participate in a typical Finnish social gathering with you. People and interaction are a central contact point in a creative travel experience.

Watch below a small video presentation of the concept:

AITO, Look closely, think wisely.


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