Back to Bucharest in a Jar.

Remember the preview video for Bucharest in a Jar? Well this is how the project turned out in the end:

If you are from Bucharest, or have ever lived in Bucharest than you must know that people have the tendency to throw things on the streets.

So because wherever you go in Bucharest you are able to find something on the ground I decided to do something about it. No, I did not start to tidy up the streets but I transformed the garbage into something useful.

I decided to gather some of the things that I found on the ground (thrown items plus normal natural things, like fruits from plants, basically anything that one can find on the ground), put them in jars, photographed them, and then I connected the items that I found with some facts, sayings and stories about Romanians and Romania.

The result was a bunch of unconventional postcards, which present the city in a different way (not the normal “city+ famous building” ones). + small video to promote the project.

Hope no fellow citizen will be offended by my experiment. 🙂

Comments are more than welcome!

More about the project on: alexandradamalan


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