One Memento

One Memento is a photography experiment. It let’s you take one shot with your digital camera. A total of 250.000 single moments. What if you cold take only one more photo. One to share with the world forever. What would you capture?

The participants have to download the camera app from the iTunes App Store, that gives them one chance to take a photo for the experiment, which they cannot alter or delete after it has been uploaded.

The users have the option to take a photo or upload an image from their gallery, before cropping it and applying an artistic filter before uploading it. The difference between this app and any other camera/photo-sharing app. After uploading the picture the participants gain access to the gallery of precious moments.

Robot Corp ( the firm behind the app) press release:

It’s our nod back to when taking a photo meant capturing and creating a lasting memory – from first birthdays to holidays and unique experiences.

Every day 1.3 Million images are uploaded to Instagram, 3 Million to Flickr & 250 Million to Facebook. People take so many photos, from anything to everything and each mundane meal in between, it’s like we’ve forgotten the photograph’s ability to create and keep memories.

We created One Memento, our one-shot digital camera, to change this. One Memento allows its users to take and share a single photograph, just once, and then stores it forever.

Once shared, the user’s One Memento can’t be altered. And it can’t be deleted. Forcing users to think before they shoot and share.

One Memento was created by Robot Corp and produced by rehabstudio.


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