Sound Localities

Sound Localities is a project that explores the experience of sound in the city and its relationship a specific regional and cultural space through field recordings and interviews with artists, individuals and organisations in 7 cities (London, Madrid, Brussels, Hong Kong,Mons, Seoul, Ghent) around the world.

I attached some nice examples from the website. Enjoy!


Cafeteria Plaza Lavapies/ Madrid

“This is a field recording of the sonic ambience in a bar. It is a binaural field recording in a bar in the first hours of the morning.” by Manuel Calurano via

Paseo Sonoro Rastro de Madrid

“This is a field recording of the ambient sound of the Madrid subway. In my opinion, it is an environment with a very strong sound quality and at the same time, represents the way of life in the town.” by Manuel Calurano via

Duiven onder brug/ Brussels

Recorded on 16 Octobre 2004

Recorded in the fall of 2004. Pigeons in major cities are omni present. I like their internal cooing sound. This was recorded under a bridge along the brussels canal. Some other incidental sounds from people biking, jogging and walking along the canal. Kids playing in a parc nearby.  The spatial sound has a typical character, The sound is reflecting between the watersuface and the covering arc from the bridge. I like this recording because there is a discussion about the pigeons during the recording. by Arnaud Jacobs via


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