Humans of New York

Brandon is the person behind the project ‘Humans of New York’ , he collects quotes and short stories from the people that he meets and photographs. IT is amazing to see how he can portray the city through its people. He offers us glimpses into the lives of strangers in New York City.

Photo: "Is there a moment that you look back on as your 'low point' in Vietnam?"
"Yeah.  Thirty minutes before we got there.  When the plane took off in New Jersey, everyone was laughing and playing cards.  When it came in for a landing, the plane was dead quiet.  Everyone was looking out the window and thinking about their lives."Photo: You've got to respect a man who refuses to pretend like he's having a good day.

Photo: "What's your greatest struggle right now?"
"Fear of my writing.  Sharing my writing, in particular."
"Will you email me something you wrote tonight?"


Less Fear By Sade Johnson 

America take rest
I was born No poet
Born laces to television archaic computer lemming games
Walmart target home depot banks 

Big man take rest
I was born No lover
Born sage-less wise cracker
Abandoned lot mower for petrified native broken horn blowers

Savage take rest
I was born No tin man tight vested slave author
Born on No Puritanical pilgrimage not Lord wrought No Kings vestige  

Youth take rest
I was born a silver-tongued tight fisted counter daughter
Fire starting ageist hippy
Empty gun waving barbiturate sipping
Anti- nun

I take rest
I was born No foolPhoto: "You look kinda like Ernest Hemingway."
"And we're both from Key West."
"You're from Key West?"
"Well, I used to smuggle coke out of there."Photo: Seen in Jackson HeightsPhoto: "After this I go to work at a pizza shop.  My wife and I were college professors in Bangladesh.  I taught accounting.  But one dollar in America becomes eighty dollars when we send it back home."Photo: Mother Joyous and Sister Adorable were seen walking down 14th Street yesterday.

Photo: "Don't lie about something before you've given it a chance to become true."

Photo: "We just got back from the prom."
"Did you have dates?"
"Um, yeah."

Photo: "When you yell at someone, who hears it more: you or them?  You're only hurting yourself by getting angry.  I want to live to be 100.  I haven't raised my voice in 40 years."

Photo: "I love thorns!  They're sexy and dangerous.  Even though you know they'll hurt you, you still want to crawl in them."


HONY/ Punk Collection:


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