About the blog. And the project.

Hey there!

If you ended on this blog, then you are about to be walked through a work in progress of a one year length research project.

How the blog works

The blog is divided is divided into four parts as it fallows:

  • The project: where I post the work that I have done for my major project
  • The books/research: where I post about the research that I have done for the project and the books that I have read
  • The daily inspiration: where I post other interesting projects that are related to my project in some sort of way.
  • The words: related words

The description of the project or about how I ended up where I am:

The urban areas that we live in are a big part of our lives, but usually we tend to fail at noticing what surrounds us.

From enchanting smells to repulsive odors, to the constant humming sound of a city, the design of the building that you pass by everyday, the city has it all, the good and the bad. But, the question is not whether a city has, or does not have, but whether we notice them or not.

The project started with investigating the way people experience the city in relation to all of our senses. The urban environment and our senses are part of our everyday lives, but we tend to ignore and forget that they are a big part of our world. We navigate through our lives using our senses, and however advanced technology becomes they shape the way that we feel about people and places.

The next step into my project was to investigate into more depth the way people experience the city and explore the way through which communication design can help highlight the urban areas. To investigate how people consume places on a daily basis. The project aimed to make people focus more on what surrounds them. It is was about taking random daily places, taking “fragments” of a city that people probably pass by everyday, and highlighting them. It was about bringing to life the overlooked, the dismissed and the unforeseen.

And so the question of the project was born: How can we use the urban daily experiences to portray a city?

The project explores the relation between daily city experiences, the dynamics of the city and the possibility of representing the urban areas and creating a fragmentary portrait through the lenses of the camera and through sound-recordings. The fragments of London.


The blog will be part of my project for the master programme. 🙂 Enjoy!


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